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dissimilarity n : the quality of being dissimilar [syn: unsimilarity] [ant: similarity]

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  1. Not similar in appearance to something else, antonym of similarity

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Similarity is some degree of symmetry in either analogy and resemblance between two or more concepts or objects. The notion of similarity rests either on exact or approximate repetitions of patterns in the compared items. In the case of approximate repetitions we talk about statistical similarity as found in a fractal and its parts. Finding similarities or distinguishing between dissimilarities depends on the faculties of pattern recognition and disambiguation, respectively.
A general method to calculate probability of an event based on another similar event is called relative probability If A, B are different events Probability of A = P(A) Then P(B) = P(A) x R where R is the similarity ratio between A,B If A=B --> R=1 If A R=0

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difference, sameness, equality
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